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Welcome to my furry page. This page exists because I've recently gotten into the whole furry scene pretty heavily, even going so far as to get involved in one particular furry story by writing my own scenarios based on that particular furverse. This page is meant to be an homage to what has become very important to me, and the links below will take you to some of the places that have led me to this newfound discovery of myself.


My Own Stories

I have written some stories based upon James Bruner's Zig Zag the Story. James' Story has inspired me so much that I had to do something, and it ended up being these. From what I've been told they're not too bad, but I'm hardly a writer and they're not exactly masterpieces. But they are born from a love of the subject matter and an honest desire to create something that pays tribute to the original. I hope I've done that.




Original Stories

A section for original stories that I've written.



These are some of the best stories that I have ever read, furry or not. I urge you to read them yourself if you haven't already.


This is the story that changed my life. Zig Zag is a character created by Max Black Rabbit, and James Bruner decided to write a story about her. It's one of the best things I have ever read. Do yourself a favor and read it.


This story is by Chris Foxx, based on the character and comic strip by Eric Schwartz. Another very well written story by a talented author.


Another story by Chris Foxx, also based on a character by Eric Schwartz. In fact, Tabitha is Sabrina's sister, but this story takes place in the not so distant future. Again, very well written.